Storing tag lists

When you create a group of community members in a tag list, the list can either be:

  • Temporary for the duration of your Synergetic session.
  • Permanent by storing it. When you store a tag list, you can either:
  • keep it private just for you to use
  • make it available publicly for anyone to use.

Note: To retrieve a stored tag list, see Loading tag lists.

To store a tag list:

  1. Create your tag list. See:

    • Tagging community members from the Tag List window
    • Tagging individual community members from a grid
    • Tagging multiple community members from a grid.

    The Tag List window is displayed.
  2. Click.
    The Store Tag List window is displayed.
  3. Type in a meaningful Description for the list.
  4. Select Make this a public list if you want other people to be able to use the tag list.

    Note: The system administrator for your organisation has the ability to edit or delete public tag lists.

  5. Click .
    The tag list is stored for later use.

Store Tag List window key fields




Meaningful description for the tag list.

The Description field is a drop-down list showing existing tag lists that you own, either:

  • private tag lists
  • public tag lists that you maintain on behalf of others.

Make this a public list

Select this field to make the tag list available to other users at your organisation as well.

When this field is cleared, the tag list is only available for your use. You can convert the tag list to a public list later if required.

List expires after

The expiry date is set based on the settings in Configuration File Maintenance. There are two expiry settings available:

  • PrivateList:ExpiryDays which defaults to 30 days. See PrivateList:ExpiryDays configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.
  • PublicList:ExpiryDays which defaults to never to expire. See PublicList:ExpiryDays configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

The tag list is marked as deleted once it passes its expiry date but the tag list is still present in the Synergetic database. Contact Synergetic Management Systems to help to recover a tag list that has just passed its expiry. Synergetic deletes any expired tag lists 30 days after their expiry date.

This shows Never if public lists are set not to expire.