Sorting grids

You can sort most grids into ascending or descending order and filter some grids to display only the items relevant to you.

Sorting grids

You can sort most grids into ascending or descending order by clicking on the field (column) name.

  1. Click once on the heading field you want to sort by.

    The column is sorted into ascending order (A to Z). 
  2. To reverse the order and sort into descending order (Z to A), click again on the heading field.

    Tip: If the Loading dialog is displayed for more than a few seconds, this can indicate that your session has timed out. Click the Refresh button on your web browser (such as Internet Explorer) and log in again.

Filtering grids

Some grids have filter fields below the grid column heading. These grid areas can be filtered to only display information relevant to you.

There are two types of filters, drop-down lists and text filters.

Filtering grids with a drop-down list

To filter a grid with a drop-down list:

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the field.
  2. Select the desired option from the list.

    All entries with the specified value are displayed.

Filtering grids with a text filter

You can filter grids with text items that:

  • are equal or not equal to a number or piece of text
  • are greater than, less than or between a number
  • begins with, ends with or contains a piece of text
  • doesn't contain a piece of text
  • is before, after or exactly matching a date
  • is within a range of two dates.

To filter a grid with a text filter:

  1. Type the desired text, number or date.
  2. Click the  to view the filter options for that field.
  3. Select the desired filter option.