Maintaining email signatures

You can edit email signatures using the Edit Email Signature window.


 Opening the Edit Email Signature window

To open the Edit Email Signature window:

  1. Open the Send Email window. See Sending emails or SMS messages to multiple community members from a grid.
  2. Click  next to the Select Signature field.
    The Edit Email Signature window is displayed.

Edit Email Signature window key fields and buttons





Description of the signature. Select a signature to edit.
Note: Save any changes you have made by clicking before you select another signature to edit.


If selected, this is the default signature used when you create a new email.


Type and format the signature. The editor has three views:

  • Design view, which lets you use text formatting similar to Microsoft Word.
  • HTML view, which lets you see the HTML-tagged text.
  • Preview view, which shows you how the signature appears on emails.




Create a new signature.

Delete this signature.

Load an HTML file into the signature body.

Load the default signature. See DefaultSignature configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Save the changes you have made to this signature.

Close the Edit Email Signature window.