Creating new creditor invoice postings

To create a new creditor invoice:

  1. Select Module > Creditors > Creditor Invoice Entry.
    The Select Creditor Invoice Posting to Process window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access Creditor functions by clicking .
  2. Click  to create a new creditor invoice.
    The New Creditor Invoice – Summary Information window is displayed.
  3. Enter the required posting summary details.
  4. Click .
    The Invoice Mode window is displayed.
  5. Select the Initial Invoice Mode. Values include:
    Prompt - pay the creditor on the next cheque or EFT run
    • Due Later - pay at a later date
    • Cheque Written - the invoice has already been paid by cheque
    • Immediate - pay the creditor immediately
    • EFT Processed - an EFT payment or deduction has been received.
  6. Click .
    The Creditor tab of the Creditor Invoice Entry window is displayed. See Creditor Invoice Entry - Creditor tab

New Creditor Invoice – Summary Information window key fields



Posting Date

Date that this invoice is recorded in the general ledger as an expense. Defaults to the current date.
Note: If you enter a posting date in a previous or future financial year, a warning is displayed. If posting in a previous year, type PRIOR. If posting in a future year, type FUTURE. Then click to confirm that you want to enter an invoice for a prior or future year.


Description of the posting.
The description can be changed at a later stage if necessary.

Control Amount

Controls the sum of the invoices entered into posting.
If you set a control amount, Synergetic will not allow you to close off the posting unless the total invoiced amount matches the control amount.
The control amount can be modified at a later stage.

Bank Account

Bank account from which the invoices are paid.
Note: You can only select the bank account on this window. It cannot be changed once the posting has commenced.
The bank account defaults to the bank account set in the General tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance. If required, select another bank account from the drop-down list.