Maintaining creditors


Use the Creditors Maintenance window in Synergetic to view and maintain all the information about creditors that you purchase goods and services from.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do...


You can:

  • maintain the payee's name
  • view address and contact details
  • select a mailing address.

Creditor Maintenance - General tab.

Maintain the creditor's:

  • ABN and tax details
  • account details for managing terms and conditions, and categorising the account
  • flags used to manage the account
  • default payment details.

Creditor Maintenance - Account tab.


  • currency
  • default payment methods
  • bank account details, if the default payment method is by EFT
  • payment notification methods.

Creditor Maintenance - Payment Details tab.

View the:

  • amount that you owe the creditor at present
  • details of the last payment made
  • total dollar amount of purchases made so far this year and last year's total.

You can

  • maintain an alert message
  • flag that the alert message is displayed when entering invoices
  • maintain ordering comments.

Creditor Maintenance - Alert tab.


  • current or overdue invoices
  • general ledger allocations for the invoices.


  • invoices that have been paid
  • general ledger allocations for the invoices.


  • details of payments made and posting numbers
  • invoices relating to each of the payments
  • whether payments have been reconciled
  • general ledger allocations for the invoices.

You can:

  • View purchase order details.
  • Preview the purchase order.

View details of items on purchase orders for a creditor.

View assets purchased from suppliers.

View general ledger journals for the creditor in the selected year.

Maintain documents associated with the creditor.

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

View audit details of who last maintained the creditor record and when.