Archiving creditors in bulk

Use this program to archive creditors after a selected date. Creditors will be archived provided they have:

  • overall balance of zero
  • no transactions after the date selected in the No Transactions Dated After drop-down list
  • Allow Auto Archive field selected on the Account tab of Creditor Maintenance.

Once the archival process is complete the Creditor Bulk Archival Report is displayed.

Note: Creditors are not deleted during the archival process, so you can view historical creditor information can be viewed using Creditor Maintenance. See Maintaining creditors.

 Opening the Creditor Bulk Archive window

To open the Creditor Bulk Archive window:

  1. Select Module > Creditors > Creditor Bulk Archive from the main menu.
    The Creditor Bulk Archive window is displayed.

    A summary report of all creditors who you archived is produced.

Creditor Bulk Archive window key fields and buttons




No Transactions Dated After

Select the date from which creditors must have been inactive to qualify for archiving. For example, if you want to archive creditors that have been inactive for at least two years, set No Transactions Dated After to two years ago.




Reprint the summary of a prior archive process.

Archive the selected creditors.

Close the Creditor Bulk Archive window without archiving creditors.