Checking for missing results only

To check for missing results before processing the calculations:

  1. Select Module > Assessments > Student Result Calculations/Checks from the main menu.
    The Student Result Calculations/Checks window is displayed.
  2. Select the Calculation Type, either:

    • Religious Education (RE)
    • Religious Education (REN)
    • Victorian Curriculum

    • WAAR (Western Australia Assessment Reporting)
    • Synergetic Calculations.

  3. Update the selections. See the field descriptions below.
  4. Select the Check for Missing Results Only (No calculation) field.
  5. Click .
    The Information window is displayed.

    A window is displayed with staff details if there are classes that do not have all results entered. You can tag the records, copy the list to Microsoft Excel or email the list.

  6. Click .

Student Result Calculations/Checks window key fields



Calculation Type

Select which calculation applies to your organisation.


Religious Education (RE)Religious Education curriculum.
Religious Education (REN)Religious Education Renewed curriculum.
Victorian CurriculumVictorian Curriculum learning standards.


Western Australia Assessment Results.

Year /
Actual Semester

Year and semester (term or reporting period).

Defaults to the current year and semester.


Campus, if applicable.

Year Level
From / To

Year level range, inclusive.

To calculate or check one year level, select the same year level in both From and To fields.

Check for Missing Results Only (No calculation)

Select the field to check for missing results. The following dialog window is displayed.

Clear the field to check for missing results and calculate the results if they are all present.