Online Application via XML Import

Please be aware of a limitation when importing applications that, if an existing Community ID is used, that information will be used rather than the detail in the online application.

We are currently reviewing this implementation to revise this to allow user selection around which information to keep if there is an existing record.

This has been further discussed on Discourse.

Should you experience any unexpected results as part of the import process please let us know via our support desk.

Attachments are unable to be imported with the XML import process.

Attachments can only be imported with the use of application forms created via the Online Form Builder

How Online Import Application works


  1. Either type or use the  button to select an XML file for importing.
  2. Press the  button to begin the import.
  3. The top grid displays the header section of the Application
  4. The middle grid displays the student information associated with the application
  5. The bottom grid displays the contact information associated with the application
  6. Select a student in the middle grid and either press one of the transfer buttons or right click on the grid select one of the transfer options.
    The transfer will
    1. Pre fill the required wizard and allow the user to process the  data accordingly
    2. After the wizard is finished, if Transfer To Future student had been selected, then the application fee if any will be processed using the Enrolment Deposit Wizard
    3. After either the Enquiry wizard or Future Student wizard has completed  either the Enquiry Student Maintenance screen or Future Student Maintenance screen will display


 Enrolment Deposit Wizard

There is a Config key OnlineApplications|StudentTransferMode that has 3 possible values.

Student Transfer Mode:

  1. Allow transfer to Future Students
  2. Allow transfer to Enquiry Students
  3. Allow transfer to both Future Students and Enquiry Students

Student Contacts

It is important to note that student contacts have some fields that need to be considered, per contact, when being included for an XML import.

For example. if there is no ParentFlag set, the contact will be considered an other contact (constituency @SFOC) rather than a future parent (@FP).

  • PrimaryOnlyFlag
  • NormalMailFlag
  • ReportsFlag
  • ParentFlag
  • LivesWithFlag

When using the Synergetic online application import these can be defaulted via configuration maintenance options that can be found via OnlineApplications|Defaults

Custom Nodes

XML Format for Custom Node


Custom nodes can appear at the Application level, the Contact level or the Student level.

The format for the Custom tag is as above with multiple CustomField tags containing FieldNane and FieldData pairs.

The stored procedure uspiOnlineImportApplicationCustomNodes takes the parameter ‘@OnlineImportApplicationsSeq’ and is a template for processing user custom data.

The first section of the stored procedure fills the temporary table #CustomNodes with any data found in custom nodes.


Supported Fields

Sample XML Import Data