v69 - SES: 2018 - Student Residential Address Collection Changes

First Release Version

69.12, 68.40, 69.13

Target Audience

The target audience for this Wiki page is staff who will run the SES submission file creation process.


The Department of Education and Training (DET) requires schools to annually submit the 'STUDENT RESIDENTIAL AND OTHER INFORMATION COLLECTION'.  The 2018 file submission window for which is:  16 Oct 2018 – 4 Nov 2018.

DET have a home page for this file and detail  on the contents etc is found at:

DET - Socioeconomic Status (Home)

This file is generated in Synergetic via the SES tab.

2018 file changes required by DET

DET made significant changes to the contents of this file, centred around provision of additional information including the names and residential addresses of parents and/or guardians.

Solution Implementation by Synergetic

These changes have been implemented by Synergetic and due to short notice on them from DET to the sector, Synergetic released these changes in Patcher form.  To have these changes available school System Admins will have needed to have run these patchers, and copied a required file into the Synergetic folder.  If you are unsure if this has happened - check with your Sys Admin.

Producing the 2018 - Student Residential Address Collection

As a User the changes to the process for you will be minimal.  

Follow the process as per Exporting SES files with this difference.

Navigate to

Module > Students > Student Data Import/Export and click the SES tab

You will receive the following prompt:

Click Yes.

The process is then as it was previously.

Once you have nominated your schools:

  • DEST Client Number

and selected:

  • Output Type;
  • File Name and Location; and
  • Year Level From and To;

click OK, and an 'SES Address Listing' is produced and displayed.  This now includes parent and guardians details and indicates records with issues via **.  Save or Print the report and close it.

You are then given the option to view Overseas Addresses, if OK is clicked a report of Overseas addresses, now including parents and guardians is produced.

Fix any errors and repeat these steps until there are no errors reported.

The file for DET will have been saved in the location you nominated.

Navigate to it, give the contents a quick check and upload to DET.