Submitting timesheets for approval

Note: SynWeb must be configured to enable timesheet submissions, or the Timesheets grid is empty. See Configuring the Staff Kiosk - Timesheet window in the System maintenance window.
To submit timesheets to be included in your pay:

  1. Select Human Resources > Staff Kiosk from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Personal tab of the My Details window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Timesheets window is displayed.
  3. Select the timesheet entry for the day you want to submit.

    Note: Timesheets that are not selected are not submitted for approval. Ensure you select all timesheets you want to submit.

  4. Select the Start Time and End time.
    The Hours and Minutes are automatically calculated.
  5. If available, select the Hours Break and Minutes Break.
  6. Select the Pay Code for the timesheet entry.

    Important Note:
    Timesheets without a pay code cannot be imported into the Synergetic payroll module. Make sure you select a pay code.

  7. Type in a Comment if required.
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for any other timesheet entries you want to submit.
  9. Click .
    The timesheet entries are submitted for approval.