Online Configuration - Menu sub-tab

Use the Menu sub-tab to customise tab configuration settings.

 Opening the Main Menu

To open the Main Menu sub-tab:

  1. Launch the Community Portal in an internet browser.
  2. Log in as a portal administrator.

    : Admin user logins are separated by commas between the <AdminUserNames></AdminUserNames> tags in the XML configuration file. See Editing the SynCommPortal.xml configuration file.

     You can also access the Admin Panel if you have been assigned the CommunityPortalAdminPanel security resource in Group/User Security Maintenance. See Group Security Maintenance - Groups View in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.
  3. Click Configuration in the Admin Panel.

    The Main Menu Configuration Tool window is displayed.

Online configuration - Menu sub-tab key fields and buttons




Show disabled pages when impersonating

Select to show all menu items when impersonating a community member even if the menu item is disabled or normally not applicable to the Community Portal user.
Click to confirm the changes before continuing.

Hide unused items

Hide unused menu items based on the current user's contacts and menu configuration.

Enable Year level filtering

Show the Student Menu Filters attribute in the Menu item attribute grid area.

Grid area fields



Menu items

Select a menu item to display its available attributes.

Menu item attribute

Select an item to display its attribute options.

Attribute options

Displays the available options for the selected attribute.




Create a new menu item to link to a Custom Page or User form. See Creating new menu items.

Import configuration keys into the Portal 7 render mode. See Importing portal configuration keys.

Write user forms to disk.