Using payroll when the payroll is encrypted

Once your payroll data is encrypted, you use the payroll system in the normal way. The only difference is that you have to enter your payroll authentication password before you can use the payroll system.

When you log on to the payroll system, the access to the payroll data is restricted to the workstation that you are logged on to. So, another user logging on as you on a different workstation at the same time CANNOT access the payroll data.

To use payroll:

  1. Click .
    The Authenticate option is displayed.
  2. Select Authenticate.
    The Payroll Authentication window is displayed.
  3. Enter the payroll authentication password.
  4. Click .
  5. Click .
    The usual payroll menu is displayed.

    You will be able to access all payroll functions until you either log out of Synergetic or select Lock Payroll from the payroll menu.