Maintaining object security

You can:

  • authorise users to run Object Maintenance
  • set which objects a user can maintain.

Authorising users to run Object Maintenance
To authorise a user to run Object Maintenance:

  1. Select Module > Objects > Object Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Object Maintenance window is displayed.
  2. Click the Security tab
  3. Click .
    The Select Object Users window is displayed.
  4. Highlight the user you want to authorise.
  5. Click .
    The user is now authorised to run Object Maintenance.
    The Top Object for the user you added is the object that was highlighted in the left-hand pane when you added the user.

Maintaining the Top Object
Objects are maintained in a tree. A user's Top Object is the highest object in the tree they have permission to maintain. Users can maintain:

  • their Top Object
  • any objects under their Top Object's branch.

They cannot maintain any object that is:

  • above their Top Object
  • in a branch not related to their Top Object.

Example of how the Top Object works
In the example below, Anelie Somodio has Administration as her Top Object.

This means that she can only maintain objects in the Administration branch of the tree as shown below. She will not be able to maintain objects in Building A, or any objects in the Main Campus that are not within the Administration branch.

Changing the Top Object

  1. To change the Top Object:
    • Highlight the object you want the user to have as their Top Object in the left-hand pane and click .
    • Click  to authorise the user to maintain all objects in the tree.
    • Click to locate a particular object.