Object Maintenance - Elements tab

Use the Elements tab to view and edit the elements that have been recorded for an object.
An element is a physical component of an object that can require some maintenance. See Object Type Maintenance - Elements tab to define the elements.
For example, a room object consists of paint, cupboards and air conditioning as some of its elements.

 Opening the Elements tab

To open the Elements tab:

  1. Select Module > Objects > Object Maintenance from the main menu.
    The General tab of the Object Maintenance window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access object maintenance functions by clicking .
  2. Navigate to the object in the left-hand tree list. See Object Maintenance window.
  3. Click the Elements tab.
    The Elements tab of the Object Maintenance window is displayed.

Object Maintenance - Elements tab key fields and buttons




Name of the element that has been defined for this type of object. For example, Painting, Carpet, Air Conditioner.


Value of the selected element for this object. For example, type of paint, colour of the carpet, make of the air conditioner.

Last Maint

Date that the object was last maintained.


Date that the object is due to be maintained.


Any comments about the object. Comments are typed in the Comments text box at the bottom of the window and are automatically saved into the table.

Grid area buttons



Add an additional element to the object. The element must already exist for the object type. See Maintaining object types.

Delete the selected element for the object.

Common buttons



Add a new object. See Creating new objects.

Delete the highlighted object.

Find an object. See Searching for objects.

Undo the last changes made in an object details field.

Move to the first, previous, next or last object of those currently displayed in the object tree.

Apply the changes to the object.

Close the window.