Objects Overview

Synergetic can help you manage all aspects of the physical environment at your organisation.
Functions have been developed around the concept of objects, so that they can be tailored to your organisation's needs.

What you can do:

What you can do...

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Maintain types of objects. The object type determines the:

  • elements that can be associated with an object
  • attributes that can be recorded for an object
  • categories to which an object can belong
  • task staff who can be assigned to maintain the object.

Maintaining object types.

Maintain objects. Specifically:

  • recording the physical details of an object
  • its location
  • booking and loan status
  • any future tasks that have been assigned to repair, clean or conserve the object.

Maintaining objects.

Maintain object agreements. For example, insurance policies, maintenance contracts and terms of use policies.

Maintaining object agreements

Maintain bookings for objects. You can:

  • issue ad hoc loans
  • make new bookings for objects
  • edit existing bookings
  • issue loans to an individual from a prior booking
  • issue loans to a classroom from a prior booking
  • return loans
  • print loan dockets.

Maintaining object bookings.

Schedule maintenance tasks that are required to preserve, repair, clean or update objects.

Maintaining object tasks.