Object Maintenance - Agreements tab

Use the Agreements tab to view and maintain policies and legal documents associated with the object. For example, insurance policies or terms of use agreements. See Maintaining object agreements.

 Opening the Agreements tab

To open the Agreements tab:

  1. Select Module > Objects > Object Maintenance from the main menu.
    The General tab of the Object Maintenance window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access object maintenance functions by clicking .
  2. Navigate to the object in the left-hand tree list. See Object Maintenance window.
  3. Click the Agreements tab.
  4. The Agreements tab of the Object Maintenance window is displayed.

Object Maintenance - Agreements tab key fields and buttons
Grid area fields




Type of object agreement. For example:

  • conditions of use
  • insurance policy
  • maintenance agreement.


Description of the agreement.

Agreed Value

Value the agreement is for, if applicable. For example, the agreed insurance value.


Reference number for the agreement. For example, the insurance policy number.

Agreement Date

Date the agreement was issued.

Expiry Date

Date the agreement expires.

Renewed Date

Date the agreement was last renewed.




Launch Object Agreement Maintenance for the selected agreement.

Launch the Add Object Agreement window to create a new object agreement.

Launch the Modify Object Agreement Details window to modify the selected object agreement.

Delete the selected object agreement.