V69 - Independent Schools Victoria - SFOE Collection (2019)

SFOE - Student Family Occupation and Education data

First Release Version

69.26, Hot-Fix

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Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) collects Student Family Occupation and Education data (SFOE) from Independent Schools and provides it to Victoria’s Department of Education and Training (Vic DET).  Victorian Independent Schools are required to submit SFOE data via a spreadsheet template provided by ISV.

SFOE Data Calculation Form 2019.xlsx

Synergetic Solution

Synergetic produce the data that populates the spreadsheet template via:

  • Students > Student Data Import/Export > Demographic > Vic > Export File: SFOE

File Creation Parameters




YearMandatorySelect the File Year for the SFOE collection
TermMandatorySelect the Term for the SFOE collection

Select one campus to restrict file creation contents to

If blank - all campuses are included.

StateMandatorySelect VIC
Export FileMandatorySFOE
School CodeNot UsedN/A
Field DelimiterMandatorySelect required file field delimiter

Year Level From


Lowest Year Level for the SFOE collection

Year Level To


Highest Year Level for the SFOE collection

Process DateMandatory

The maximum date up until which students will be selected.

If a student's Entry Date is after this date, they will be excluded.

If a student's Leaving Date is before this date, they will be excluded.

File NameMandatoryThe Location and File Name the SFOE file is to be saved to.

Note:     The ISV specification calls for “local students currently enrolled at the school”.  Synergetic has implemented this as all Current students who are not Full Fee, Shortstay, Exchange or External for the current File Year.

The data in the file conforms to the instruction in the ISV template:

  • Parent 1 refers to Mother/Guardian 1.
  • Parent 2 refers to Father/Guardian 2

Produce the collection file:

Once the output file has been produced, navigate to and open it in MS-Excel (you may need to tell Excel the Field De-limiter).

The file will contain data rows with the seven (7) data columns required by ISV.

Copy these data rows (not including the header row) and drop them into the ISV template, fill in School Name field and submit.