Discharging staff_students from the medical centre in bulk

At times you may need to discharge students and staff members out of the medical centre in bulk. For example, you have recorded multiple medical incidents without signing the students or staff members out, giving the impression that students or staff members are still present in the medical centre.

The first time you use the medical centre in Synergetic many students may already appear signed in. Use the bulk discharge action to sign out all of the students at once.

To discharge all students and staff members from the medical centre:

  1. Click in the Medical Centre Maintenance window to ensure that it is the active window.
  2. Select Action > Bulk Discharge ALL from Medical Centre from the menu-bar.
    The Bulk Discharge Time window is displayed.
  3. Select:
    • Specified Time to discharge all staff and students at the time you specify.
    • Elapsed Time to discharge all staff and students a specified number of hours after they signed in.
  4. Click OK.
    The Bulk Discharge Confirmation window is displayed.
  5. Type discharge.

    You can type in either upper case or lower case.
  6. Click .
    All students and staff members are discharged from the medical centre.