Medical Centre Maintenance - Contacts tab

Use the Contacts tab to view and maintain contact details for primary and additional contacts, particularly parents. You can add as many contacts to the student record as necessary.

The Medical Centre Maintenance - Contacts tab is identical to the Contacts tab in Current Student Maintenance. See Current Student Maintenance - Contacts tab in the Current students manual.

Emergency contacts and debtors are not necessarily contacts.

SC1 contact

The SC1 contact is the person or couple most important to the student, usually one or both of the student's natural parents. Synergetic uses the SC1 contact to create a family structure, which is displayed on the Siblings tab. All students who share the same SC1 contact are shown on the Siblings tab. See SES (Socioeconomic status) parent extraction settings in the System maintenance manual.

Synergetic requires every student to have an SC1 contact. If a student does not have an SC1 contact you will receive the following error message upon closing the window.

If Primary is not selected, creating an SC contact who is:

  • a parent adds the SC contact and their partner to the @PC constituency
  • not a parent, adds the SC contact and their partner to the @SCOC (student contact other contact) constituency.

Note: If Primary is selected, only the primary contact is added to a constituency. That is, if the student's contact has a spouse, the spouse does not receive the @PC or @SCOC constituency.

Creating an emergency contact adds the contact to the @SCEC constituency. See Community Maintenance - Constits tab in the Community manual.

 Opening the Contacts tab

To open the Contacts tab:

  1. Click Module > Students > Medical Maintenance.
    Tip: You can also access the current student functions by clicking .
    The Select Medical Venue window is displayed.
  2. Select the medical venue that you want to use. See the luMedicalVenue lookup table in the System maintenance manual.
  3. Click .
    The Medical Centre Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Click  or select a student from the selector grid. See Signing staff/students in to the medical centre.
    The Summary tab of the Medical Centre Maintenance window is displayed for the student or staff member.
  5. Click the Contacts tab.
    The Contacts tab of Medical Centre Maintenance is displayed.

Medical Centre Maintenance - Contacts tab key fields and buttons

The Contacts tab is identical to the Contacts tab in the Medical Maintenance window. See Medical Maintenance - Contacts tab.