Creating award levels

To create a new award level:

  1. Open the General tab of Award Maintenance. See Award Maintenance - General tab.
    The General tab of Award Maintenance is displayed.
  2. Select the award for which you want to create levels.
  3. Click in the Award Levels area.
    A new entry is added to the grid.
  4. Type in an Award Level and Description.
  5. Type in the number of months before the job position should increment to the next level in the Duration Months field.
  6. Select Active to make the award level active.
  7. Click .
  8. Click in the Pay Codes area.
  9. Select a pay code from the PayCode drop-down list that is used for this award level. Staff members on this award level automatically receive this pay code.
    The grid entry is populated with the selected pay code details.
  10. Click .
    The award level is created.