Creating new general ledger cost centres

To create a new cost centre:

  1. Either:
    • click on the Set Cost Centre Search Criteria window
    • click on the Cost Centre Maintenance toolbar
    • select File > New from the main menu
    • right click on the Cost Centre Selector grid and select New
    • press Ctrl + N.
    The Create New Cost Centre - Cost Centre window is displayed.
  2. Type in the general ledger cost centre details.
  3. Click .
    The Create New Cost Centre - Create GL Codes window is displayed.
  4. If required, change the G/L Year.
    The window is redisplayed for the general ledger year specified.
  5. Select one or more general ledger codes that you want to create.
  6. Click .
    Note: Once a new general ledger cost centre is added, you can maintain other information about the cost centre in Cost Centre Maintenance. See Maintaining general ledger cost centres.
    Tip: You can use the  and  buttons to navigate between the two windows.

Create New Cost Centre - Cost Centre window key fields



Cost Centre Code

Unique identifier for the cost centre.


Description of the cost centre.
Note: It is recommended that you have a standard naming convention for the cost centre code and description.

Staff ID

Staff member responsible for the cost centre.

Tax Code

Tax code that applies to this cost centre.

Create New Cost Centre - Create G/L Codes window key fields and buttons




G/L Year

General ledger year that the cost centre applies.

G/L Codes

Select one or more general ledger codes that you want to create.
Note: The COA codes available are those flagged to be used when general ledger accounts are created. See Chart of Accounts Maintenance - General tab.




Select all the general ledger chart of accounts codes displayed in the window.
Your selections are used along with the new cost centre code to create a set of general ledger codes.

Clear all the selections made in the window.

Restore the default selections.