Maintaining details of a future student's course

You can maintain details of external or internal courses that the future student has enquired about attending.
Courses are used:

  • by tertiary institutions
  • by correspondence schools
  • where instalment charges are applied for courses.

Note: Most secondary schools do not use this feature. Consider the Classes tab of Future Student Maintenance instead. Contact Synergetic Management Systems if you are unsure whether your organisation should use the courses feature or not.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


You can:

  • display students who are on a course arranged by an agent
  • select student course enrolments to match with an agent's invoice
  • authorise agent invoices
  • display agent invoices that have been authorised
  • reverse the authorisation of selected entries.

Using the Agent Commission Schedule Maintenance window

You can:

  • maintain the student's enrolment details for a course, including:
  • any prior courses
  • date the course was completed and whether a certificate was issued
  • status of the course at a given date, along with any details.
  • view their course status history.

You can:

  • maintain relationships with a student's agents
  • nominate the agent who receives the commission, if the student has a relationship with more than one agent
  • maintain the nominated agent's:
  • control account, override rate and schedule, if commission is payable
  • commission alert, if required.
  • view the nominated agent's invoice details for the selected course and student.

Course Details Maintenance - Agent tab (Future students)


  • fees for the course
  • amount charged, paid to date and owing for the course
  • debtor's details and the overall amount owing
  • debtor's most recent payment details.


  • any special comments about the student's participation in the course
  • details of any deferral of their attendance.

You can:

  • view classes the student is attending as part of the course
  • modify the student's class details
  • load default classes for the course from Course Maintenance.

Course Details Maintenance - Classes tab (Future students)

You can:

  • view default fees that apply to the student enrolled in the course
  • change the amounts and charge dates that apply
  • view financial details, including what has been charged and is still owed by the debtor
  • add or delete fees from the student's course
  • reload the default fees.

Course Details Maintenance - Charges tab (Future students)

You can open forms that have been created at your organisation.