Creating archive items

Use the Add Archive Item window to add new items of significance to the archive.

For example, sports trophies and badges donated by community members.

 Opening the Add Archive Item window

To open the Add Archive Item window:

  1. Open the Archive tab of Development Maintenance. See Development Maintenance - Archives tab.
    The Archives tab of the Development Maintenance window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    Tip: Alternatively, you can press Alt + A.
    The Add Archive Item window is displayed.

Add Archive Item window key fields and buttons




Accession Date

Date that the item was donated prior to archiving.

Donor ID

Person donating the item.

Provenance ID

The former custodians of the item. Defaults to the donor identifier but can be changed to another community member.

Archive Item Code

Type of item being donated. For example, a trophy or a badge.


Description of the item being archived.


Condition of the item upon receipt.

For example, the item:

  • is in excellent condition
  • requires restoration.


Location of the item, such as box, shelf, and unit number.

Accession No

Unique number to identify the donated item.




Find either the donor or provenance identifier from the community database. The Find Name on Community window is displayed.