Key development reports

There are a number of standard reports available to you to help you manage your development tasks. See the folder of Crystal Reports supplied to your organisation.

To access these reports, select Module > Development > Development Crystal Reports Available. You can browse or search through reports:

  • previously marked as 'favourites'
  • from a specific module
  • from all modules.

You can search for reports based on the report:

  • description
  • code.

See Running reports in the Introduction manual for general information on how to run reports in Synergetic.

Description of key reports



Communication Labels by Address

Produces a label report that groups the recipients by address.

The format of the label can be configured using the MailingFormat configuration setting. See MailingFormat configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

Donor Receipts

Letters to donors to summarise receipts for donations in a given date range.

Donations by Appeal

Displays a combination of gifts, completed pledges and outstanding pledges by appeal.

Donor Pledges Not Complete

This is the same report as Donor Pledges but defaults to showing incomplete donor pledges.