Create New Asset - Create Asset window

Use the Create New Asset - Create Asset window to create a new asset.

  1. Enter the key details of the asset, as required.
  2. Click .
    The Creditor Search window is displayed.

    Tip: Type the Creditor ID instead, if known.
  3. Enter some details about the creditor in the Search Criteria area.
  4. Click .
    The Creditor Search window is redisplayed with creditors that match your search criteria.
  5. Select the creditor that you purchased the asset from.
  6. Click .
    The Create New Asset - Create Asset window is updated with the creditor's Synergetic ID and name.
  7. Click .
    The Create New Asset - Location window is displayed. See Create New Asset - Location window (modifying).

    Note: Click the and  buttons to move between the Create New Asset windows.

Create New Asset - Create Asset window key fields and buttons



Asset Number

Unique number used to identify an asset.

Automatically assign Asset Number

Clear the field to manually enter an asset number. The default is for the new number to be one greater than the highest asset number.

Asset Type

Code to distinguish different types of assets by depreciation rate and general ledger allocations. See Asset Definitions Maintenance - General tab in the Assets manual.

Asset Category

Category for the asset.

Cost Centre

General ledger cost centre linked to the Asset Type Code.

G/L Sub Alloc

General ledger sub-allocation code linked to the asset.
For example, the sub-allocation may be to the Boarding House Master.


Description of the asset.
For example, the make of a car.

Model / Serial

Unique information required to identify the asset.

Tip: We recommend that you record this information for all assets. You will need this information for insurance purposes and it makes maintaining assets much easier in the long term.


Normally the quantity is one.

Also used when multiple items with the same definition are purchased on the same date and depreciate by the same amount. For example, 500 chairs purchased for the auditorium.

Note: Be careful when entering a quantity greater than one, as multiple locations cannot be specified.

Create as Multiple Assets

Indicates whether multiple assets are individual or part of a set. For example, if you type a Quantity of 10 and the Create as Multiple Assets field is:

  • selected, Synergetic creates ten separate assets, such as ten data projectors
  • cleared, Synergetic creates one asset with a quantity of ten, such as a computer laboratory with ten computers.

Private Use Rate

Specify the approximate percentage of private use of the asset.
This determines the amount to allocate to the private use general ledger account.

Purchased Date

Date the asset was purchased.

Purchased Cost

Purchase price of the asset.

Insurance Notified Date

Date the insurance company was notified of the asset's acquisition.


Insurance notification reference number.

Creditor ID

Synergetic ID of the creditor.

Order Number

Purchase order number used to purchase the asset, if applicable.




Launch the Creditor Search window to select a creditor from the Synergetic community or create a new creditor.