Asset Maintenance - General tab

The General tab contains information relating to the description and classification of the asset. It also contains information on the cost, written down value, depreciation and sale details relating to the asset.

Use the General tab to:

  • maintain the details of the selected asset
  • display the calculations from the most recent depreciation run
  • process asset sales.

 Opening the General tab

To open the General tab:

  1. Select Module > General Ledger > Asset Register Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Asset Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the Asset Register by clicking .
  2. Search for the asset. See Searching for assets.
    The General tab of the Asset Maintenance window is displayed.

Asset Maintenance - General tab key fields and buttons

General area fields and buttons


Some fields are calculated, as indicated. Other key fields can be changed.



Asset Type

Code to distinguish different types of assets so that depreciation can be calculated consistently. See Asset Definitions Maintenance - General tab.

Asset Category

Category for the type of asset. See luAssetCategory lookup table in the Finance manual.

Cost Centre

Used for identifying the responsibility area for the asset.

Note: The general ledger allocations for depreciation do not use this cost centre code.

GL Sub-Allocation Code

General ledger sub-allocation code directly linked to the asset.

For example, the sub-allocation may be to the Boarding House Master.

Note: This field is no longer used but may hold historical data.


Description of the asset. For example, the make of a car.

Serial number

Information required to uniquely identify the asset.
Tip: We recommend that you record this information for all assets. This information is needed for insurance purposes, and makes the work of maintaining your assets much easier in the long term.


Normally the quantity is one.

Also used when multiple items with the same definition are purchased on the same date and depreciate by the same amount. For example, 500 chairs purchased for the auditorium. See Selling assets.

Caution should be exercised with a quantity greater than one, as:

  • multiple locations cannot be specified
  • information such as serial numbers is duplicated. You can manually modify individual assets later.

Purchased Cost

Purchase price of the asset.


Date that the brought forward written down value was calculated.

(BFWD always goes off the last End of year Depreciation.)

Last Dep'n Date

Date of the most recent depreciation calculation run.

Private Use Rate

Specify the approximate percentage of private use of the asset.

This determines the amount to allocate to the private use general ledger account.

Brought Fwd WDV

Brought forward written down value is calculated during the depreciation calculation run and updated at the end of the previous financial year.

This field can be manually adjusted.

Dep'n Rate %

Depreciation rate expressed as a percentage. Derived from the Asset Type Code.

Note: This field is not editable unless Override Rate is selected.

Override Rate

Select to enable editing of the Dep'n Rate % field.

Purchased Date

Date the asset was purchased.

Dep'n YTD

Year-to-date depreciation as calculated during the depreciation calculation run.

Note: The field is reset to zero at each anniversary of the written down date. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Assets tab in the Finance manual.

Dep'n Method

Depreciation method used. Derived from the Asset Type Code.

Note: This field is not editable unless Override Method is selected.

Override Method

Select to enable editing of the Dep'n Method.

Last Physical Count

Quantity of items at most recent stocktake.

Last Physical Count Date

Date of most recent stocktake.

Value Now

Written down value is the current depreciated value of the asset as of today.

Note: This value is calculated when you load Synergetic and is not stored. Other values in this table are only updated after the asset depreciation program is run.




Launch the Asset Definitions Maintenance window for the selected asset type. See Asset Definitions Maintenance - General tab.


Click to be able to edit key financial information about the asset. When you have finished editing, click the button.

Note: The name of the button toggles between and when you click on it.

Only users with security rights to the AST:AssetRegisterMaint:General:EditAsset security resource can change these details. See Maintaining security permissions in the System maintenance manual for more information about Synergetic's security settings.

Sale Details area fields and buttons




Date when the asset is sold, if applicable.


How much the asset is sold for, if applicable.


No longer required and is automatically set to zero.


Amount gained or lost when the asset is sold.

Posting Number /Posting Source /G/L Journal Seq

Posting details if the asset is sold using Cash Receipts Entry.




Click to process the sale. See Selling assets.