Creating new assets

Synergetic is usually configured to automatically create an asset when you enter a creditor invoice containing an item that is a fixed asset. However, if this option is not switched on, you will need to manually create new assets. See Finance Configuration Maintenance - Assets tab in the System maintenance manual.

You may also need to create new assets manually in other situations. For example, a new building is classed as work in progress (WIP) and does not become an asset until it is completed and handed over. You would normally add a WIP general ledger code and possibly also a sub-allocation code. When the building is completed, create a general ledger journal entry to move the building from the WIP account to the capital account and create a manual asset.

To automatically add a fixed asset, see Creating new assets from Creditor Invoice Entry in the Creditors manual.

To create a new asset:

  1. Either:
    • click  on the Set Asset Search Criteria window (from the GL module> Asset register maintenance)
    • or click on the Asset Maintenance toolbar
    • select File > New... from the main menu when the Asset Maintenance window is open
    • right click on the Asset Selector grid and select New...
    • press Ctrl + N.
    The Create New Asset - Create Asset window is displayed.

  2. Enter key details about the asset. See Create New Asset - Create Asset window.
  3. Enter location details about the asset. See Create New Asset - Location window.
  4. Determine how the asset is linked to other assets, if applicable. See Create New Asset - Asset Type window.
  5. Link to other assets, if applicable. See Linking assets when creating assets manually.

    Note: You can also link to other assets using the Linked Assets tab of Asset Maintenance once the asset has been created. See Asset Maintenance - Linked Assets tab.