Managing accommodation

Accommodation facilities are objects in the Synergetic database with an Object Type of Accommodation. You can book accommodation for staff, students and guests using the accommodation features of SynWeb. See Maintaining object types in the Synergetic Objects manual.

Note: You can use the accommodation features to book objects other than rooms. For example, a conference may require a set of laptops to be booked for the whole conference. See Configuring objects for use in accommodation bookings.

You can:

  • create, edit, confirm and cancel reservations for individuals or groups
  • allocate rooms to reservations
  • check guests in and out of their reserved rooms
  • create new community members for guests not currently in the Synergetic community
  • view a report of the number of available rooms on any given date.

How to:

What you can do

What you can do...



  • bookings for individuals
  • bookings for groups
  • bookings with room allocations
  • bookings for people who are not members of your Synergetic community.

You can:

  • view existing bookings
  • confirm existing bookings
  • cancel existing bookings
  • check guests in and out of bookings.

Accommodation Booking List window

You can:

  • allocate rooms to existing bookings
  • upload guests lists to existing bookings.

Booking Allocation window

You can:

  • allocate rooms to existing bookings
  • move existing bookings to a new room or date
  • edit existing bookings
  • create new bookings with room allocations.

Accommodation Calendar window

View the number of available rooms of each type for a given date or period.