Create New Booking window

Use the Create New Booking window to create bookings for rooms.

Note: The Create New Booking feature is designed to cater for bookings that stretch multiple days. For example, a conference or student exchange. If you want to book a room for single-day use, such as booking a lecture theatre to show a movie, use the Object Bookings feature. See Managing bookings.


 Opening the Create New Booking window

To open the Create New Booking window:

  1. Select Accommodation > New Booking in the SynWeb main menu.
    The Create New Booking window is displayed.

     The Create New Booking window can also be accessed by clicking the  
    button on the Accommodation Booking List window.

    : The Allow Use in Accommodation Booking System field in Synergetic - Objects - Object Type Maintenance - General tab must be selected for this window to be available.

Create New Booking window key fields and buttons

Booking area fields



Check in

Select the check in date for the booking or reservation.

Check out

Select the check out date for the booking or reservation.


Display only rooms in the selected location.

Room Type

Display only rooms of the selected type.


Display only rooms of the selected category.


Display only rooms that contain the selected elements.


Display only rooms with the selected attributes. For example, a television.

Attributes Value

Based on the selections from the Attributes field, display only rooms that have attributes with a certain value. For example, a television with a remote control.

Room type area fields



Room Type

The type of room.


The object category of the room

Note: If rooms are not displaying, check they have object categories assigned. See Configuring objects for use in accommodation bookings.


Total number of rooms of this type and category.


Number of bookings of this room type and category for the selected date range.


Number of available rooms of this type and category for the selected date range.


Type in the number of reservation spaces you want to book

Note: You can book several rooms of different types and categories in one reservation.




Clear all the Booking area fields to start a new booking or reservation.

Make a booking or reservation for the selected rooms on the selected dates.