Creating accommodation bookings

The Accommodation maintenance system in SynWeb allows you to create and maintain accommodation bookings in two ways: a normal accommodation booking and a calendar accommodation booking. You can use either or both systems, depending on your requirements.
A normal accommodation booking allows you to:

  • create bookings for either individuals or groups
  • reserve several different rooms within a single booking
  • allocate rooms to guests either automatically or per-guest
  • upload information about the guests such as their name and room preference.

A calendar accommodation booking allows you to:

  • view existing bookings and their statuses at a glance
  • quickly create a booking for one room
  • easily modify a booking's time, duration and location

The calendar accommodation booking system cannot:

  • book multiple rooms at a time
  • record information about the guests in the booking.

Note: The accommodation maintenance features are designed to primarily cater for bookings that stretch multiple days. For example, a conference or student exchange. If you want to book a room for single-day use, such as booking a lecture theatre to show a movie, use the Object Bookings feature. See Managing bookings.

How to create an accommodation booking
Both booking systems follow a standard process for creating an accommodation booking:


Information entered


View accommodation availability

Check availability of rooms for the booking.

Create an accommodation booking

Enter basic information about the booking including:

  • Check In and Check Out dates
  • the person who made the booking
  • the type of room booked
  • the number of rooms required.

Creating new bookings
Creating bookings from the Accommodation Calendar window

Enter specific guest information

Enter guest names by:

  • Manually linking a guest to a community member
  • Uploading a list of guests.

Creating new bookings
Creating a new community member
Uploading guest lists

Confirm the accommodation booking

Set the booking status to confirmed.

Allocate a room to the booking

Associate the booking with a specific accommodation object.

Allocating rooms

Check guests in and out

Set the status of individuals or groups to Checked In or Checked Out.

Checking in guests
Checking out guests