Modifying bookings from the Accommodation Calendar window

You can edit a booking by:

  • clicking and dragging existing bookings
  • opening the Edit booking window.

Editing a booking by clicking and dragging

To edit an existing booking:

  1. Click on the booking you want to edit.
  2. Either:
    • click and drag the left or right sides of the booking to change the check in or check out times

    • click and drag from the centre of the booking to move the booking to a different room or time.

    The booking is updated.

    If you try to extend or move a booking into a room and time that already contains a booking, an error message is displayed.

Editing a booking with the Edit booking window

To edit an existing booking in the Accommodation Calendar window:

  1. Right click on the booking you want to edit.
    The Accommodation Calendar right click menu is displayed.
  2. Select Edit Booking.
    The Edit booking for room window is displayed.
  3. Update the Check in, Check out, Booked By, Booking Type, Status and Comment fields as required.
  4. Click .
    The booking changes are saved.