Creating new Victorian Curriculum subject assessment areas

Victorian Curriculum has a defined set of assessment standards: 

  • Curriculum Area Groups are the distinct bodies of knowledge, skills and behaviours within the curriculum framework. For example, English
  • Curriculum Areas are the sub-categories that comprise each Curriculum Area Group. For example, English
  • Strands/Modes. These are used to organise standards within each curriculum area. For example, Speaking and Listening

Note: For a full list of Victorian Curriculum subject assessments, see in the Synergetic Assessments and reports manual.

To create a new Victorian Curriculum subject assessment area: 

  1. Select Curriculum > Assessment Area Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu. 
    The Set Subject Assessment Area Search Criteria window is displayed. 
  2. Search for the subject assessment. See Searching for subject assessments.
    The Subject Assessment Selector window and the Subject Assessment Maintenance windows are displayed. 
  3. Select the subject assessment to maintain assessments for.

    The Area bar of the Subject Assessment Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Click .
    The New Area window is displayed.
  5. Select a result group from the Result Group drop-down list. 

  6. Select Vic Curriculum - F-10 continuum from the Result Type drop-down list.

  7. Click .
    The Victorian Curriculum Search window or similar curriculum strand search window is displayed.
  8. Narrow the search criteria, if required.

  9. Select the curriculum strand in the grid area that corresponds to the subject assessment area. For example, Listening and Speaking.
    The new subject assessment area is displayed.

  10. Repeat steps through to add additional subject assessment areas for the selected subject.

  11. Repeat steps through to add additional Victorian Curriculum subject assessment areas for a different subject.