Creating subject assessment areas for entering expected results

You can allow teachers to enter expected results by creating a second subject assessment area for storing expected results that is linked to the subject assessment area used for storing actual results. 

For example, schools using the Victorian Curriculum might create a subject assessment area called Reading (Expected) to store the expected results of Reading.

To create a new expected result subject assessment area:

  1. Select Curriculum > Assessment Area Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu. 
    The Set Subject Assessment Area Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the subject assessment. See Searching for subject assessments.
    The Subject Assessment Selector window and the Subject Assessment Maintenance windows are displayed. 
  3. Select the subject assessment to maintain assessments for.

    The Area bar of the Subject Assessment Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Click .
    The New Area window is displayed.

  5. Select a result group from the Result Group drop-down list.

  6. Select a result type from the Result Type drop-down list.  

  7. Type the name of the subject assessment followed by (Expected) into the Heading field.

  8. Click .
    The Curriculum Strand Search window is displayed.

  9. Narrow the search criteria, if required. 

  10. Select the curriculum strand in the grid area that corresponds to the subject assessment area used for storing the actual result. For example, Reading and Viewing.
    The subject assessment is displayed in the grid area. 

  11. Select the Expected Result field.

  12. Click .
    The new expected result subject assessment area is saved.