Creating custom icon images for SynWeb

To create a custom icon in SynWeb you need to save the picture to be used in the appropriate folder as below:

: Icons can be in .gif, .bmp, .jpg or .png format.

Use a 16 x 16 pixel image.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the ~\Software\SynWeb\Site folder of your SynWeb server.
  2. Double click the Images folder and then the Icons folder inside it.

    Create these folders if they do not already exist.

  3. Copy the icon image file into the Site\Images\Icons file.

    The file must have the same filename that is referenced in Key 5 of the appropriate custom alert icon configuration setting. You do not need to specify the full file path, just the filename. If the file extension does not match that used in the configuration setting, SynWeb uses any image file it can find of the same name in the folder. See Creating custom alert icons.