Maintaining user forms

You can create user forms in SynWeb to display, edit, create or delete information in the database, or display another web page. User forms appear as navigation bars, and can be created for:

  • Student Maintenance
  • Class Maintenance
  • Subject Assessment Area Maintenance
  • Course Maintenance
  • Staff Maintenance.

For example, you can create forms to view and maintain student discipline incidents, community service activities or comments and notes from counsellors. User forms can also be created for use on the Community Portal.

You could also create forms to:

  • display images, forms or other web content
  • display information from your school website
  • create polls and surveys.

SynWeb user forms
SynWeb user forms are different to the user forms used in Synergetic. SynWeb's user forms are much more flexible and powerful, allowing you to create almost anything you could ordinarily display on a web page. They are created using either Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (or later) or Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and imported into SynWeb using User Form Maintenance.

SynWeb user forms are more complex than their Synergetic counterparts. It is strongly recommended that the person in your organisation creating SynWeb user forms has experience with C# programming.

See User Form Maintenance window. Also see Configuring SynWeb user forms.
SynWeb user forms are comprised of:

  • The Mark-up, which controls what is displayed and how. Mark-up files usually have a .ascx file extension.
  • The Code behind, which controls the functionality. Code behind files usually have a .ascx.cs file extension.

For more information on creating these files in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (or later) or Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, Contact Synergetic Management Systems.