Substitutions - Substitution Search Criteria window

Use the Substitution Search Criteria window to:

  • select a staff member to view and maintain their substitutions on a given day
  • add a substitution for a staff member's class on a given day
  • delete an existing substitution.


 Opening the Substitution Search Criteria window

To open the Substitution Search Criteria window:

  1. Select Curriculum > Substitutions Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Substitution Search Criteria window is displayed.


Substitutions Search Criteria window sections
The Substitution Search Criteria window is divided into the following sections:

  • Selection area used for searching for the staff member and their timetable for a given date.
  • Timetable grid area used for displaying:
  • the timetable for the selected staff member on a given day
  • any existing substitutions.

Selection area




Year & Sem

Select the Year and Semester you want to make the substitution for, if not in the default year or semester.

Timetable Date

Select the date you want to make the substitution for.

Staff Code

Select a different staff member you want to enter a substitution for.
This defaults to your staff code. To select a different staff member, select them from the drop-down list.




Refresh the timetable based on the updated selections.

Clear the selections and the results from the window.
The selections are set back to:

  • the current year and term
  • today's date
  • a blank staff code.

Timetable grid
The timetable grid area consists of:

  • key fields for each timetable entry
  • details of any substitute teacher and room
  • command links to substitute a teacher (and room) or delete the substitution.

Grid area fields




Start time of the class.


Either the:

  • teaching period
  • non-teaching time, such as recess or lunch.


Room where the class is being held.


Class code.


Description of either the:

  • class
  • non-teaching time, such as recess or lunch.

Covered by

Name of the staff member covering for the selected staff member, if any.
Nothing is displayed if there is no staff substitution.

Command links




Select the Add launch link to add a new staff substitution for the selected class. See Substituting a staff member and a room for a class.
Also see Navigating around SynWeb in the Introduction manual.


Select the Delete launch link to delete an existing staff substitution for the selected class. See Removing a substitute staff member from a class.