Substituting a room for a class

In SynWeb, you can define a substitute room for a class on a given day. This function is only available in SynWeb.

To define a substitute room for the class:

  1. Select Curriculum > Substitutions Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Substitution Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Select the date of the substitution in the Timetable Date field. This defaults to today's date.
  3. Select the staff member whose class you want to substitute.
    This defaults to your staff code. To select a different staff member, select them from the Staff Code drop-down list.
  4. Click .
    A list of classes is displayed for the selected staff member and date.
  5. Click Add next to the class that you want to make a substitution for.
    The Substitute Class Resources window is displayed. 
  6. Click the Available Rooms tab to select a different room for the class.
    The Available Rooms tab is displayed.
  7. Select the campus from the drop-down list, if applicable.
  8. Click on the Select command link of the room to select it.
  9. Click if you have selected either:
    • Email details to the substitute staff member
    Email details to the original staff member is selected.
    A preview of the email that the substitute staff member receives is displayed.
  10. Click the Close command link to return to the Substitute Class Resources window.
  11. Click .
    The substitution is saved and the staff member is emailed. The email contains the:
    • details of the class, time and room
    • information you have entered in the Work Tasks and Comments fields.
    The timetable grid area shows the:
    • substituted room in the Room field
    • original staff member in the Covered By field.

    Note: When a class substitution is created the staff member taking the substituted class automatically receives the Class substitution created Action Centre message. For information about enabling and customising Action Centre message types, see Maintaining Action Centre messages in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.
  12. Inform the students affected by any change of venue.