Sharing Synergetic Power BI Dashboards

You can share Synergetic Power BI Dashboards with your staff to allow them to view data relevant to their job position. For example, you could share the Debtor Dashboard to allow your finance team to view details of outstanding debtor accounts.

To share a Synergetic Power BI Dashboard:

  1. Log into your online Power BI Service account.
  2. Navigate to the dashboard you would like to share.
  3. Click .
    The Share Dashboard window is displayed.
  4. Type the email addresses of the staff members into the Enter email addresses field.
  5. Add a message to the recipient, if necessary.
  6. Select Allow recipients to share your dashboard, if necessary.
  7. Select Allow users to build new content using the underlying assets, if necessary.
  8. Select Send email notification to recipients to send all recipients an email notifying them about the shared dashboard.
  9. Click .