Sharing Synergetic Power BI Workspaces

You can share Synergetic Power BI Workspaces with your staff to allow them to view data relevant to their job position. For example, you could share the Finance workspace to allow members of you finance team to view Debtors and Fundraising Dashboards.

To share a Synergetic Power BI Workspace:

  1. Log into your online Power BI Service account.
  2. Click .
  3. Hover over the  for the workspace you would like to share.
  4. Select Workspace access from the drop-down list.

    The Access panel is displayed.
  5. Type the email addresses of the staff members into the Enter email addresses field.
  6. Select the security permission level using the second drop-down list. You can select:

    Admin to allow the selected staff members to view and edit the workspace
    • Viewer to allow the selected staff members to view the workspace only.

    Note: You will generally use the Viewer security permission.

  7. Click .
  8. Click .