Reconciling transactions not yet brought to account

When you first open the Bank Reconciliation window, any NYBA transactions are displayed in red in the right pane. See Using the Bank Reconciliation window.

Any NYBA transactions that are not reconciled will continue to appear until a suitable general ledger transaction is available to match.

Manually reconciling NYBA transactions

If you are manually reconciling the bank statement:

  1. Select the general ledger transaction in the left pane.
  2. Select the corresponding bank transaction in the right pane.
  3. Click .

    The transactions are matched and highlighted in green.
  4. Continue reconciling the transactions. See Reconciling bank accounts using bank statements.

Reconciling NYBA transactions automatically
Any NYBA transactions are matched automatically if you are importing the transactions from a bank file and there are matching entries.
In the following example, the Smith EFT Deposit from the earlier example is matched automatically by Synergetic with its general ledger entry (highlighted in green). See Reconciling bank accounts using imported bank files.