Preparing Business Activity Statements (BAS)

The Business Activity Statement (BAS) prints a copy of the statement that needs to be manually transposed on either a printed or electronic BAS submitted to the tax department.
The Synergetic report prepares for the section on GST (G1-G20) and the Amount withheld from payment of invoices where no ABN is supplied (W4). All other items must be calculated manually.
If no other items are applicable then the amount showing under "item 3" and "item 9" will show your nett amount of tax or credit payable for the period.
How to:

Tax payments and refunds
When processing receipts for refunds or creditor transactions for payments, allocate the receipt or payment to the Tax Control account. Do not post directly to the Tax On Income or Expenses control accounts otherwise your BAS will include this transactions as further GST payable or receivable in the next period.