Maintaining online payment configurations

You can configure Synergetic to process online payments from community members logged into the Community Portal.
Note: You can configure online payments at your organisation by following the steps outlined in the Online payments manual. See Online payments Overview.

To configure online payments:

  1. Set up the merchants for whom you accept online payments, and select the payment gateways to be used. See Online Payment Maintenance - Merchants tab.
    Note: You can configure multiple entries for the same merchant. Use the Levels tab to specify which entry should be used by the online payment category.
  2. Define:
    • categories of online payments
    • merchants and payment types to be used for each category
    • allocation to funds, general ledger codes and tax codes to be used for online payments.
    See Online Payment Maintenance - Levels tab.
  3. Define voluntary contributions. See Online Payments Maintenance - Voluntary Contributions tab.