Creating the BAS

Note: Deleting a BAS posting after you have submitted it to the tax office is not recommended, so ensure that your figures are correct.

If you have already processed the BAS and you need to make changes then these must be made as adjustments in the next period. Also, after the posting has been created you cannot post any entries that would have an effect the BAS during that period.

To create the BAS:

  1. Select Module > General Ledger > Business Activity Statement.
    The Process Business Activity Statement window is displayed.
  2. Select Include Payroll Figures, if you would like to payroll figures in the W1 and W2 sections of the BAS.

    Note: You must be able to authenticate into the payroll system to get these figures.

  3. Clear Preview Business Activity Statement Only.
  4. Enter the date range that matches your BAS reporting period.
  5. Enter a description for the posting.
  6. Click .
    The posting date is automatically set to the Process to Date, which is the end of the month being processed.
  7. Click  to confirm that you want to process the BAS.
    A posting is created that transfers the amount from the tax on income, tax on expense and withholding tax accounts to the tax control account.
  8. After generating the BAS you get a General Ledger Journals - Close Off printout.
    All journals that make up the BAS are given a BAS posting number and the posting has a source of GENBAS