Maintaining payroll setup data

Some aspects of the payroll program can be configured to suit your organisation's needs.

Lookup tables

See Maintaining lookup tables in the System maintenance manual.

Lookup table



luPayrollCategoryUsed to maintain employee categories for the purpose of completing payroll.luPayrollCategory lookup table
luPayrollChangeReportColumnUsed to determine the payroll fields are reported in the Payroll Employee Changes (PAYEMPCHANGE) Crystal Report.luPayrollChangeReportColumn lookup table
luPayrollCodeTypeUsed to maintain payroll codes.luPayrollCodeType lookup table
luPayrollEmployeeLeaveApplicationStatusUsed to maintain the status types for leave applications.luPayrollEmployeeLeaveApplicationStatus lookup table
luPayrollEmployeeStatusUsed to maintain the status types of employees.luPayrollEmployeeStatus lookup table
luPayrollLeaveUsed to maintain leave codes and their related details.luPayrollLeave lookup table
luPayrollLeaveAwardUsed to maintain awards that can apply to job positions.luPayrollLeaveAward lookup table
luPayrollLeaveSubCategoryUsed to define leave code sub-categories.luPayrollLeaveSubCategory lookup table
luPayrollPayFrequencyUsed to maintain payment frequencies.luPayrollPayFrequency lookup table
luPayrollSuperannuationAttributeUsed to maintain superannuation attributes.luPayrollSuperannuationAttribute lookup table
luPayrollSuperannuationColumnsUsed to maintain column details in the superannuation export file.luPayrollSuperannuationColumns lookup table
luPayrollSuperannuationExportUsed to maintain superannuation export formats.luPayrollSuperannuationExport lookup table
luPayrollSuperannuationFundUsed to maintain superannuation fund details.luPayrollSuperannuationFund lookup table
luPayrollSuperannuationListUsed to maintain superannuation report styles.luPayrollSuperannuationList lookup table
luPayrollTaxationRateUsed to maintain taxation rate categories for payroll purposes.luPayrollTaxationRate lookup table
luPayrollTerminationReasonUsed to maintain employee termination reasons.luPayrollTerminationReason lookup table

Configuration settings

See Maintaining configuration files in the System maintenance manual.

Configuration setting




Used to define the unique client ID used for payroll submissions to the government submission gateway.


Used to define the password used by the API to authenticate payroll submissions to the government submission gateway.


Used to define the username used by the API to authenticate payroll submissions to the government submission gateway.


Used to define the base URL used by the API for government payroll submissions.


Used to define the declaration statement displayed to users approving STP files.


Used to define the signing statement displayed to users approving STP files.