Configuring external tests data

You can configure the setup of external tests using the following lookup tables.

Note: Some of these lookup tables refer to each other, and should be configured in order accordingly. Check the notes for each lookup table.

Lookup tables

Lookup table




Used to define assessment areas within external test types.

luExternalTestBenchmarkUsed to define benchmarks used for external test types.luExternalTestBenchmark lookup table
luExternalTestBenchmarkTypeUsed to define benchmark types used for external test types.luExternalTestBenchmarkType lookup table


Used to define the available test levels.


Used to maintain result groups for external tests.


Used to define the available external test standards.

Note: Other lookup tables rely on the records in this table. Configured this table first.

luExternalTestStandard lookup table


Used to define types of external tests.

Note: luExternalTestArea relies on the records in this lookup table. Configure this table before configuring luExternalTestArea.

luExternalTestType lookup table