Using the Study Period Admin window

Use the Study Period Admin window to:

  • view which students signed in to a study period after it has closed
  • view any clashes caused by their attendance at the study period
  • remove students from the study period.

    You cannot sign in students for the study period through the Study Period Admin window. To sign in students, use the Study Period Student Login window. See Using the Study Period Student Login window.


 Opening the Study Period Admin window

To open the Study Period Admin window:

  1. Select Students > Study Period Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Study Period Teacher Login window is displayed.
  2. Select a study period in the Timetable area and click Admin.
    The Study Period Admin window is displayed.

    Note: Admin
     is only displayed for study periods that have ended and had students signed in.

Study Period Admin window key fields and buttons




Show Student Photo

Select to display a photo of each student in the grid.

Grid area fields



Student Photo

Photo of the student.

Student Name

Student's name.

Arrival Time

Time student signed in to the study period.


Student's Synergetic ID.

Clash Message

Message indicating any issues or clashes with the student's attendance at the study period. For example:

  • other classes the student was supposed to be attending
  • absence slips recorded for the student at that time.


Click Delete to remove the student from this study period.




Select another study period to maintain.

Refresh the grid area if you have changed the selection fields or if new students have been signed in to the study period.