Managing New Zealand student NSNs and identity details (Roll returns)

Synergetic connects to the ENROL database using a secure link, to retrieve or validate NSNs and student identity data.
ENROL is a central register of student enrolments developed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education for schools to use via the web.

How to:

Get/Check NSN components
The Get/Check NSN functions are provided by three components:

  • Get/Check NSN is part of Synergetic
  • WSS Wrapper is a standalone program that provides a secure connection between Get/Check NSN and the NZ MOE's web service
  • Web service is provided by the NZ MOE to retrieve NSNs from the ENROL database.

The Get/Check NSN functions use the same configuration settings as eReturns, so if you already use eReturns there is minimal configuration. For information on setting up and configuring the components, see:

Renewing certificates
If you need to renew certificates, see Renewing certificates for eReturns in the Roll returns manual.