Ensuring roll return settings are correct

Some errors may arise during the roll returns process if some of the system wide settings are incorrect.

School settings

The school number, name and type are set up in Configuration File Maintenance.

The school number used is the one provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Education (NZ MOE).

For more information on the types of schools, see Roll return aggregate reports. In the example above, the school type is 20 (primary school).

Enrolment scheme

Your organisation may have an enrolment scheme in place, approved by the NZ MOE. The enrolment scheme affects the zoning status of relevant students. See Zone status.

The enrolment scheme and its effective start date are set up in Configuration File Maintenance.

If your school has multiple school numbers and types, then the Synergetic campus code for each sub-school must be entered into Key 4. This can occur in some multi-campus or multi school environments. Also, select the Campus when running Student Data Import/Export. See Import/Export Student Data - MOE tab.

If your school is not multi-school you should not enter a campus in Key 4 nor should you select a campus when running Student Data Import/Export.