Roll returns Overview

Roll returns are performed twice a year in New Zealand to accurately collect data about students and their schooling for use by the New Zealand Ministry of Education (NZ MOE) in the analysis and management of schools.

The first official period starts in early March and the second in early July.

Note: Only State and State integrated schools with year 9 students and above also perform roll returns in June and September.

What's new

For the latest NZ MOE requirements, refer to What's new to roll returns.

Roll returns submission

Roll returns are submitted to the NZ MOE using the MOE tab of the Import/Export Student Data window. You can:

Most of the errors and warnings encountered during the roll return submission process are a result of the data for individual students being incorrect. The errors and warnings are output to a report for correction during the data validation process. For information about resolving all of the possible errors and warnings, see Roll return errors and warnings.

For details of the codes used in roll returns, see Codes used for roll returns.

National student numbers (NSNs) and matching student identity data are used by the NZ MOE. You can retrieve NSNs for individual students from mid-April onwards, and check their NSNs and identity data against the ENROL database. See Managing New Zealand student NSNs and identity details (Roll returns).

Exporting roll return reports

Once you have completed the roll returns submission process you can export the aggregate and audit requirement reports for NZ MOE Resource Auditors that may want to check the roll return after the roll count period. See Exporting roll return reports.

Roll return aggregate reports contain the grouped and summarised student and schooling data from the eReturn submitted to the NZ MOE. See Roll return aggregate reports.

After the roll return period, NZ MOE Resource Auditors may want to check the roll return. See Roll return audit requirements.