Codes used for roll returns

Note: You can load the codes used for NZMOE roll returns into Synergetic lookup tables automatically. See Loading lookup tables for external systems.

What you can update...

What you can update...


Ethnic groups used to define the ethnic group or groups to which a student identifies with.

Iwi affiliation or affiliations that a student holds.

Student types used for roll returns.

Student type

Zone status indicates whether a full-time regular domestic student, adult student or returning adult student resides inside or outside of the school zone at the date of their first attendance at your organisation.

Zone status

Country of citizenship used for roll returns.

The highest level of Māori language learning the student is involved in.

NQF qualification codes used to specify the highest secondary school attainment for school leavers enrolled in the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)/National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Student's reason for leaving their present school.

Measure participation of children in Early Childhood education services.

The particular Pacific Island language in which immersion (in the Pacific Language only) or bilingual (both a specified Pacific Language and English) education is provided.

The highest level of Pacific language learning the student is involved in.

The subject codes used to identify subjects being studied at secondary school level for roll returns.

Identifies the instructional year level for each of the subjects being studied in secondary school.

Non-NQF qualification codes used to define the highest secondary school attainment of a student enrolled in Non-National Qualification Framework (NQF) on leaving school. For example, International Baccalaureate.

The type of exchange scheme or agreement an exchange student belongs to.

Exchange scheme

List of the possible criteria used to determine the eligibility status of a student for enrolment and funding purposes.

The type of document provided by the parent when the student is enrolled at the school.

The activity that the student has indicated that they intend doing after leaving school.

Post school activity

The Secondary tertiary programme (STP) that a student is attending, if any.

Secondary tertiary programme

The gender of the student.Gender